Hone your Skills to get the Cougar

Any guy who’s into hooking up with, and dating, cougars is going to have to have some pretty good sex skills when he meets up with someone new. Just think about all of the action that these women have gotten in the past. They’ve had great sex and they’re had terrible sex. If you want to be the guy they call up when it’s time to have a fun night, you have to be able to impress her right away. You’re never going to get a chance to make a first impression ever again. You need to get her off as hard as you possibly can and that takes some really good skills.

Practice your oral
There’s no better way to get her into you than being able to give really great oral sex. It’s like a handshake. If you’re no good at it then she’s going to think less of you. That’s just the way that it is. It’s really best to practice your oral skills before you meet up with someone from https://cougardating.net for the very first time. Call up all of your single female friends and just offer them a proposition. You’ll go down on them for nothing at all in return. All they have to do is give you an honest appraisal of your skills and where you can improve afterward.

Play with her kinks

After you give her the most mind blowing oral sex you can, it’s time to give her the things she can’t get anywhere else. All women have kinks but most never get the chance to explore them. Tell her straight out that you’re all about her and her needs. Do whatever it takes to satisfy her kinks, no matter how weird it gets. You’ll love the results.